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True Hd 4K Wallpapers Free

True Hd 4K Wallpapers Free

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— Adapted wallpapers hd for your device.
The App only shows wallpapers appropriately sized for your display. We offer high resolution images (HQ) in different sizes, including images for large screen devices: 1080x1920px (Full HD, 1080p) and 2160x3840px (Ultra HD, 4K).

— Only real size wallpapers without any magnification.
In the WallpapersCraft App you can’t find low resolution images as we don’t upload such images. You also can’t see hd wallpapers, which are not adapted for your screen resolution.

— Manually-cut Wallpapers which match your screen resolution.
We only provide manually-cut wallpapers hd so you could enjoy perfect backgrounds hd for your mobile devices.

— New wallpapers every hour.
The WallpapersCraft provides over 100 000 wallpapers for a screen resolution 540x960 px, over 12 000 wallpapers in HD for a screen resolution 1080x1920 px, over 7000 wallpapers for 2K-screen and QHD-screen with a resolution 1440x2560 px, over 1000 wallpapers for 4K-screen with a resolution 2160x3840 px.

— Saving battery power and Internet data.
The App only shows beautiful wallpapers appropriately sized for your display. It allows saving your battery power and Internet data and also using the App with a high speed and no loss of picture quality.

— Up-to-the-minute wallpapers.
We keep up with the world fashion trends. Games, movies, TV series — you can find all novelties in our App. Every day we upload new photos with celebrities, technologies, important events, memes and other beautiful hd wallpapers. Wallpapers free from new games, photographys from the most popular TV series and wallpapers hd from last movies.

— Designed for easy use.
We tried to design user-friendly App, cutting overlap and concentrating on the most important issue — the wallpapers hd and their quality. Popular categories and tags.

The most popular wallpaper for the moment: winter, love, sea, sun, brunettes and blondes, funny pictures, stars, cats and kittens, wolves, zombies, dogs and puppies, rose, popular now, owls, game of thrones, star wars, warcraft, minecraft, dota 2, art picture, sky, color and black-and-white wallpaper, black and white, hearts, dragons, galaxy, minimalism, robots and unusual wallpaper for lock screen for hipsters.

Download fast and free of charge the most beautiful and popular wallpaper hd backgrounds for your phone (smartphone), tablet with Android. Chic wallpapers for the screen of your Android phone and the tablet only HD quality all free and high speed. We customize the application for your phone or tablet, specifying the model of your device, its resolution and screen size. Therefore, the background wallpaper from our application will always look their best. Our photo-wallpaper will be perfect for everyone and for girls and for boys, for young and old, anyone can find a unique image for the screen. Install on the lock screen or home screen wallpaper of high quality autumn, winter, spring and summer. We also find your funny pictures, funny pics as wallpapers.

* Automatic determination of Wallpaper available for phones with screen resolution:
2160x3840 | 2160 x 3840 — 3840x2160 | 3840 x 2160 — 4K, 8K
1440x2560 | 1440 x 2560 — 2560x1440 | 2560 x 1440 — 2K, 4K
1080x1920 | 1080 x 1920 — 1920x1080 | 1920 x 1080 — 1080p, Full HD, 2K
720x1280 | 720 x 1280 — 1280x720 | 1280 x 720 — HD, Full HD
540x960 | 540 x 960 — 960x540 | 960 x 540 — HD
480x854 | 480 x 854 — 854x480 | 854 x 480
480x800 | 480 x 800 — 800x480 | 800 x 480
320x480 | 320 x 480 — 480x320 | 480 x 320
240x400 | 240 x 400 — 400x240 | 400 x 240
240x320 | 240 x 320 — 320x240 | 320 x 240
And for tablets:
1600x2560 | 1600 x 2560 — 2560x1600 | 2560 x 1600 — 2K, 4K
1536x2048 | 1536x2048 — 2048x1536 | 2048 x 1536 — 2K, 4K
1200x1920 | 1200x1920 — 1920x1200 | 1920 x 1200 — 2K
800x1280 | 800x1280 — 1280x800 | 1280 x 800 — HD, Full HD
600x1024 | 600x1024 — 1024x600 | 1024 x 600 — HD, Full HD

— Fixed various bugs, glitches and crashes, "Server not found" and other.
— Improved stability and application performance.
— Added new types of customization wallpaper "Adapted landscape", which is done to save bandwidth and increase loading speed without any loss in quality.
— Fixed bugs with the tags.